Managed service

Free your mind and your time from the burden of managing complex and distributed architectures. Rest assured, Alliage takes care of the deployment and operation of your platform while you focus on creating value with your data.

IT integration

Integrate your enterprise directory to secure user connections and centrally manage group memberships. Create a high-performance link between your company network and your data platform.


Clusters are configured with best practices, including high availability, data encryption, and strong authentication by default. Security patches are transparently applied over predefined time slots with no service interruption.

Resources allocation

Alliage operators monitor the usage of resources, providing recommendations to ensure the optimal distribution of resources across all your projects.


Alliage takes the sovereignty and freedom of personal data very seriously. You have access to your data at any time using standard protocols.


You own the data and its usage. Alliage doesn’t communicate with a prior agreement on your behalf.

Client customization

On request, dedicated edge nodes are placed under the management of your IT teams with the assistance of our professional services to deploy custom solutions side by side with your data.


Alliage put the maximum of measures to guarantee security and to prevent unauthorized access.


The IT infrastructure is certified ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701. The HDS certification authorizes the hosting of French health data security.