Give your team the chance to deliver success on their data journey. Our documentation targets DevOps engineers, operators, and architects. Academy gathers learning material for every user, including data engineers and data scientists. Self-paced and instructor-led training is available. The knowledge base is available with a support subscription.


Intructions to plan, deploy and operate.

In collaboration with the TDP community, our growing list of topics covers everything you need to make your data journey a sucess.


Learning center with detailed tutorials.

Self-paced training with components by components usages combined with reference architectures.


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Learn to master the TDP platform for groups and individuals with instructor-led training, in-person and online, offered by Alliage.

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Learn from other experiences.

A growing list of more than 200 FAQs, issues and feature cards at your disposal.
Knowledge base


Learn from TDP users and admins by joining the community. Find recordings, join meetings, and ask questions via our messaging channel.


If you are encountering challenges, others probably are as well. Check out the answers to our most frequently asked deployment questions.