Constitution of a robust core
Based on the existing stacks
Publisher support for deployment

Expansion of components
Support for version upgrades
Beginning editor support on some components

Innovative platform
K8S, block storage, …
Expanded publisher support

Technological independence

Open source involvement

Technological innovations

Our work is aligned with the official TDP roadmap. It is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1

    The development of TDP was initiated in March 2021. The choice of components provides a migration path from HDP platforms with the alignment of its components and their versions. The project now has more than a dozen contributors. The Adaltas team represents around 50% of the TDP workforce with additional contributors being trained.
  • Phase 2

    Phase 2 represents the core of the platform with additional components and offers extensive platform integration. The monitoring is initiated with the writing to export Prometheus for each of the components. The REST API is also being written and allows the provision of an administration Web UI in the future. Another objective of phase 2 is the creation of a new version of TDP with more modern component versions thus offering a path of evolution.
  • Phase 3:

    The phase opens the reflection on future directions to take, for example, the coupling of the Kubernetes ecosystem associated with object storage.