Key technological orientations

TDP is an heritage from years of experience in deploying, securing, integrating and operating distributed components. The choices driving the decision process aim at developing a coherent distribution with guarantees of autonomy, stability and durability.

Limited and robust core

Avoid the dispersion of projects, focus on the fundamentals to limit the legacy and maintain maximum agility for future developments. The stack is not revolutionary. It works and it scales big.

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100% secure and stable

No compromise on security and stability. Both the developments and the operations are in secure mode and with high availability (HA) enabled. TDP is a trusted and reliable platform.

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Monitoring, alerting

Visibility into health and performance drives service resiliency and builds users’ confidence.

Technological independence

Leveraging the ecosystem, selecting healthy projects with a large base of contributors and full deployment control.

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Developer experience

Documentation, tutorials, work environment, tools, simplification of users’ development in a collaborative way.

Active community

Federation of an open community, client involvement, meetups, knowledge sharing, and discussions to join the Apache Foundation.


GitOps, test coverage, integration testing, code review, scrum methodology.

SRE (Software Reliability Engineering)

The objective to move towards a reactive and resilient system applying SRE principles.