As more applications, software tools, and other sources of data are becoming more popular, data usage is booming.

Data-driven organizations are managing unprecedented data growth, embracing new models and technologies to garner valuable insights across their business. As the volume and value of data increase, organizations are reevaluating their relationship with data.

Discover the TDP platform

TDP is a data platform built upon the robust foundations of the Apache ecosystem. It provides a complete and coherent distribution of integrated services associating distributed storage with massive scale processing.

The TDP data platform delivers on all the key features across data, security and operational services required to be used as an enterprise data platform.

Open source

TDP is a community project driven by the TOSIT association. All the source codes are compatible with the Apache v2 and MIT licenses.

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Secure and reliable storage expandable to multiple petabytes.

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Discover about the main usages of the TDP data platform including massive storage and scalable processing.

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Security best principles enforced, including strong authentication and data on the network encryption.

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TDP is a mature platform and there is a lot more to come. Learn about our main priorities and what is coming next.

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