Associate documents with metadata

Metadata help the discovery and the association of documents with the usage of advanced filters.


Document’s metadata varies with the type of documents.

Some metadata accept a single value. They look like a select box.

Required properties

Other metadata accept a collection of values. They looks list a list of keywords. Selecting a new keyword display a rich interface from where multiple keywords may be selected and new keywords added.

Advanced selection pane


The status represents the processing state in the document lifecycle. Status are associated to a document category.

A status is always associated with one of three states: “Open”, “Close”, and “Archive”. This allows the filtering of documents when searching for information.

Let’s consider an example. A category defines two status named “Created” and “Handled”. In such case, both status are considered opened. It is then possible to browse all open documents as well as to filter with a particular status.


This is a matter of prioritising the document in relation to the others. If it is not urgent, then the severity will be lower. If, on the contrary, the subject of the document is important, then its severity will be high. Thus, the treatment will first be carried out on a document with a high priority.

This metadata gives an indication to the support of the urgency of processing a document or not.