About Alliage

Alliage is a service operated by Adaltas. The team is composed of experts, with a focus on big data and open source.

The TDP project is a joined effort between multiple actors under the umbrella of the TOSIT association. TOSIT is a French association whose mission is to promote open-source between large and institutional organizations.

There is a need for a truly open source data distribution. Some of our customers share the same opinion and collaboration. This is how the TDP journey was initiated. It’s initial objective is the construction of an 100% open source Big Data platform based on the Hadoop ecosystem.

Don’t get us wrong. We work and love alternative platforms, including Cloudera, Databricks, Dremio and all the quality services offered by the various cloud providers. We see those solutions as complementary to TDP.

The platform is now available for deployment. The roadmap provide insights about the future directions. For developers, there are a lot of opportunities to join our team, contact us to start a discussion.